Founded in 1999, and was one of the first such stablishments in Iraq. Before this date it was banned for Iraqis to represent any foreign company.

Al ASSAD is a family run business, it is run by a couple with their daughter and son,  The husband is a qualified surgeon and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland while the wife and daughter are both qualified pharmacists, the son is a dentist. In addition to this  family AL ASSAD has  a very dedicated and enthusiastic staff, who behave and is treated as part of the family, which undoubtedly give them a tremendous drive and will to get a job well done.

The general manager Dr. Firas Hilmi (F.R.C.S.I) served in many teaching hospitals in Iraq over a period of twenty-three years. He was a member or chairman of many technical purchasing committees in the ministry of health (KIMADIA). During the last Twenty years, he served as director general in the ministry of health and was a director of many hospitals in Baghdad before he resigned in the year 2000 to manage AL ASSAD company with his wife full time.

The director Dr. Buthaina Al Ammin is a qualified pharmacist, and she had her own private pharmacy over a period of fifteen years in Baghdad in a very central location, before Al ASSAD Was established.

The daughter is a young enthusiastic pharmacist and highly skilled marketing and sales director. She is currently responsible for vendors and contracts coordination. The son is a professional dentist whose responsible for supply chain manager and sales representative. He is working very hard to manage the dental department in our establishment.